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   Top 5 Reasons: To Hire an SDVOSB "Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business"

     One of the most important elements of growing the national economy are the use of small businesses that are owned by service disabled veterans. A veteran entrepreneur is provided with unique opportunities to create and run many different types of business. When considering services for either personal or business use, there are several reasons to considering using an SDVOSB.

1. Veteran Leadership

     One of the reasons to consider hiring a SDVOSB is because of the veteran leadership that will be provided to your project. The disabled vets that run these companies have military experience that can be directly translated to your particular project. This will ensure that the project will run smoothly and efficiently as each of the Vet's possess unique leadership qualities.

2. Unique Project Management

     When it comes to project management using a service disabled veteran owned small business will provide your project with a unique perspective when it comes to the management of the entire project. These small businesses can provide you with the discipline that is needed order for the project to stay on course. Veterans have a unique perspective as they understand how to run things efficiently and effectively. This is ideal for any type of project that you may have.

3. Privileged Contract opportunities

     Government projects are required to provide SDVOSBs with privileged contract opportunities. The goal for the SDVOSBs is currently 3% according to the federal government. The SDVOSB has to be at least 51% owned by one or more disabled veterans in order to be considered for these contracts. As a government entity, there certain incentives provided for hiring the companies for your project management needs.

4. Use of 6 Sigma Statistics

     SDVOSBs will help your company run more efficiently by implementing the 6 Sigma Statistics, which are widely utilized by the United States military. These statistics have been proven to improve the operations of any type of business as they help reduce waste. Problems will be solved in an efficient manner as each of the experienced vets have learned how to use different problem solving skills in a positive manner to effectively transition a business.  

5. Supporting Service Men and Women

     Perhaps the most obvious reason to use a service disabled veteran owned business is that it offers support to the men and women who have served our country. These men and women have spent a good portion of their life ensuring that our country has been kept safe. One of the best ways to support them is choose their businesses' for your project management needs. An SDVOSB will provide you with not great services but you to will be essentially serving our country. Many people that work for these small businesses are disabled veterans and have years of experience in many different industries; which can be extremely beneficial when it comes to your project management needs. The next time you have a project for your organization, consider hiring an SDVOSB.